Pain Services

Our pain service has been designed for anyone with persistent, long-term, chronic pain.

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Initial Consultation

 2 Appointments over two days + 2 weeks access to the centre.

Day 1 : 90 minutes


  • A detailed discussion of your pain story and goals
  • Passive movement analysis (physio moves you)
  • Active movement analysis (you move you)

Day 2 : 60 minutes


  • Movement plan (based on Day 1 results)
  • Movement session – A session dedicated to practice the movement plan safely and with supervision
  • Manual therapy (massage, trigger point, joint mobilisation, etc)



60 Minute appointment + 2 weeks access to the centre.


  • Discussion – What’s working; what isn’t
  • Movement analysis reviewed 
  • Manual therapy (massage, trigger point, joint mobilisation, etc)
  • Movement plan update: continue, modify, progress
Why this service is for you?

Our pain service has been designed for anyone with persistent, long-term, chronic pain.

Christian has experience treating chronic conditions from top to bottom and has a special interest with all things spinal – from chronic lower back pain to those awful headaches that start from the neck and jaw (cervicogenic headaches).

What you will receive from the initial consultation?

Depending on the pain service you choose, this will at least include:

  • A full pain history consultation – to understand your specific pain story in a no-rush setting.
  • Goal establishment – to understand what you want your future story to be…for a failure to plan is a plan to fail.
  • Passive movement analysis – a hands-on component of the session to identify the possible causes of your pain, and factors that may influence your movement potential.
  • Active movement analysis – you will be asked to perform some ‘essential’ movements so that we may observe the specific way you move (and don’t move), to tailor a movement plan designed specifically for you.
  • The movement plan… the fun begins – this will be designed by the physiotherapist based on the above assessments and your goals. The plan will be designed to gently reintroduce your brain and body to the movements it once knew as pain-free.
  • The movement session – this session will be 1-2 days after the initial consultation. It will be a session to practice and finetune the movements prescribed in the movement plan. You will have 100% physiotherapist attention to ensure that:
    →  You understand why the movements have been selected
    →  You understand how the movements should be performed
    →  You agree with the choice of movements
    →  You are comfortable when performing the movements
    →  You can perform the movements correctly and safely
    →  You enjoy it
  • 2 weeks access to the centre – Pain cannot be treated effectively without movement.

For me to provide a service I believe in, I consider giving you access to the centre (and myself) essential in effective therapy.

Although your movement plan will include movements that can be performed in the home, the home environment contains many distractions.

A dedicated time for your movement session is essential for best practice. You deserve to give yourself this time – please make the most of this inclusion.

What you will receive with your review?

The review will be different for everyone.

The review session will be based on the initial consultation and how you are progressing from both a pain and movement perspective.

The physiotherapist will reassess the major issues identified in the initial consultation to gauge the effectiveness of your therapy.

You and the physiotherapist will then decide if you would benefit more from manual therapy techniques, like massage & joint mobilisations, or more time continuing your movement practice.

How often can you visit the centre?
  • Unlimited access to the centre during your treatment period.
  • Available in normal trading hours.

Please note: this is not a dedicated session with your physio. However, if your physio is not with a client and you require assistance with anything, please ask.

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